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File ZIPO - External Cloud Storage Platform

About File ZIPO

A Native & Cost-Effective Salesforce Storage Solution

File ZIPO is a Salesforce native app that integrates your Salesforce org with the most-popular external cloud storage platforms, viz. OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox & Box.com.

  • Perform mass actions like ZIP, Sync, Archive, Transfer, Merge and Backup Salesforce files
  • Sync Salesforce files & attachments with external cloud storage accounts and can access them any time within your Salesforce org with File ZIPO’s real-time sync.
  • Supports both Files and Attachments of Standard & Custom Objects
  • Easily link salesforce environment with multiple Cloud Platforms
  • Easy & quick way to mange Files & Attachments in few simple steps

Key Features

sync file

Sync Files

Sync your Salesforce Files & Attachments with External Cloud Platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox in a few clicks. Once the files are "Synced", they will be stored on External Cloud and users can still "View" or "Download" them any time within the Salesforce org. Read More

Backup Files with File ZIPO

Backup Files

Salesforce storage is limited & expensive. Backup your Salesforce files of any size or volume to an external cloud or on-premise storage hassle-free.
Read More

ZIP Files with File ZIPO

Mass Download or ZIP Files

Mass Download or ZIP Multiple Salesforce Files/Attachments of any Size or Volume for single record (or multiple records) in :

  • Single ZIP Folder for all files
  • Single ZIP Folder with multiple inner child folders according to (Parent-Child Hierarchy)
Read More

Merge PDF

Merge Files

Merge multiple Files (or attachments) of type (DOC or PDF) of any size or volume into Single PDF in Salesforce in few clicks. Read More

Transfer Files

Add Files

Add files & attachments of any size or volume from External Cloud to Salesforce directly.
Read More

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Why FileZipo

All You Need In Just One App

Save Cost using File ZIPO
Save Cost
Save Cost

Spending thousands of dollars on Salesforce storage? Save them with File ZIPO. You can now store, backup, ZIP & download your Salesforce files & attachments in your external cloud storage.

Unlimited File Storage
Unlimited File Storage
Unlimited File Storage

Are you falling short of Salesforce storage in your org? File ZIPO integrates your Salesforce org with an external cloud storage platform where you can save unlimited files at very minimal cost as compared to Salesforce Storage cost.

Reliable Security
Reliable Security
Reliable Security

Highly secure native Salesforce application designed following Salesforce guidelines & integrated with reliable external cloud storage solutions.

Add Multiple External Cloud Storage Accounts
Add Multiple External Cloud Storage Accounts
Add Multiple External Cloud Storage Accounts

Having multiple accounts for each external cloud storage? You can link them all with File ZIPO’s external account manager.

Advanced Search Filters
Advanced Search Filters
Advanced Search Filters

Got thousands of files & little time? Filter by Keywords, User, Date, Filename, etc., and make your file search in Salesforce easy.

Easy File Management using File ZIPO
Easy File Management
Easy File Management

Recording which file is stored where can be impossible, especially when the files are unlimited. File ZIPO provides precise records on file location & makes file management easy.

User Tracking
User Tracking
User Tracking

Keep a track of user activities with File ZIPO’s comprehensive reports on your files & attachments.

24X7 Support
24X7 Support
24X7 Support

Our experts are here to assist you 24*7 through all issues. They ensure that you make the best out of this application.

We are offering 14-Days Free Trial

Find the Perfect Plan for you!


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for more than 500 users

Simple Licensing Terms

  • There is no extra cost for community users; File ZIPO only charges Salesforce users.
  • Upon successful purchase, you will receive a Licence Key to activate the full version of your File ZIPO plan.
  • All Salesforce users in an activated org can use all File ZIPO functionalities. Admins can limit user access to its functionalities, if required.
  • File ZIPO License Key is compatible will all kinds of orgs—Sandbox, Dev, or Production.
  • For customized File ZIPO packages, kindly contact us at sales@ayansoftwares.com
  • Discounts are available for nonprofit organizations.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest release notes of File ZIPO.

Quickly Install Latest Version in your Salesforce Org

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Frequently Asked Questions

File ZIPO is a secure and cost-effective Salesforce storage solution. It allows users to integrate their Salesforce org with popular external cloud storage platforms, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and Box.com. It is an ideal way to save your money on Salesforce storage and manage files and attachments in one place.

No. File ZIPO is not a storage provider for Salesforce. It doesn’t store your files and attachments on its server. It is a cloud storage solution that integrates your Salesforce org with external cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and Box.com.

File ZIPO supports 5 external storage accounts, such as Google Drive, One Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and Box.com.

Yes. File ZIPO is a secure solution. It helps you to store your files and attachments in external cloud storage systems with security. There’s no risk of file loss because everything is managed seamlessly.

Yes, we offer a Free 14-Day Trial of our application. Click here to avail- http://www.filezipo.io/#quick-install

No! File ZIPO doesn’t have any file size/ file type limit. Using this, you can upload, view, or download unlimited files of any size at a time.

Yes, when you sync your files and attachments using File ZIPO, the actual file will be stored in an external cloud, namely Google Drive. However, you can “view” or “download” these files any time from the Salesforce org.

Yes! File ZIPO allows you to select specific objects and files to store in external storage accounts. It provides flexibility to users to choose what needs to be stored in particular folders.

Yes! You can configure multiple external storage accounts within the same org. For example, if you have two accounts of Google Drive and one account of One Drive, you can integrate them with your org for a seamless experience.

No, there’s no impact on user experience when files are stored in external storage systems. File ZIPO takes care of the integration process and offers convenience to the users so that they can access files directly from Salesforce.

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