How File ZIPO Helps You To Overcome Big Challenges During File Backup?

File ZIPO Helps You To Overcome Big Challenges During File Backup

Salesforce administrators often need to backup Salesforce files & attachments to external cloud storage. This is necessary to save your Salesforce storage space and avoid buying additional storage, which is very expensive. Not only this, backup helps you to ensure the security of your important files from human errors. To get the backup, you need to do manual work or use third-party solutions as there is no such feature available in Salesforce.

But taking the backup comes with its own set of challenges, such as:

  1. Tedious & monotonous process as there is a large volume of files & Salesforce doesn’t allow bulk actions.
  2. Chances of human errors which may compromise file security.
  3. Difficulty in accessing the files in Salesforce after taking the backup.

Introducing File ZIPO, a native & cost-effective Salesforce storage solution. It helps you take the backup files from Salesforce to External Cloud Storage & On-Premise quickly. You can link multiple external storage accounts, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, and within your Salesforce org. The application is designed especially for Salesforce admins & developers to overcome the challenges faced during the backup of files.

So, now let’s explore some of them.

Point & Click Effortless Backup

Using File ZIPO, you can backup multiple files & attachments from Salesforce to external cloud storage using our point & click feature. This means you can forget the hassle of downloading files one-by-one and then storing them externally. Hence, transfer files in one go and save time, effort, & productivity.

Whereas if you take the backup of your files using the Salesforce standard process, you need to download each file to your desktop, then transfer it individually to an external cloud storage. This makes it a very tedious & monotonous process.

Secure Backup

File ZIPO is a native Salesforce application that takes the backup of your important files & attachments securely. It is designed following the Salesforce guidelines and integrated with reliable external cloud storage platforms. There is no risk of errors when you take the backup of your Salesforce files.

On the other hand, taking the backup of your files from Salesforce to external cloud storage using other solutions involves the risk of human errors. This may disrupt the entire process and compromise the security of your Salesforce files. Also, you might not know if all your files are backed up or not.

Inexpensive Backup

File ZIPO is a cost-effective Salesforce storage solution. Using this, you can backup multiple files & attachments to your desired external cloud storage and still access them in your Salesforce org. This helps you to free up space in your Salesforce org & cut down your recurring Salesforce storage cost by over 70%, which means greater ROI for your business.

Otherwise, as you know the Salesforce file storage is limited, you need to spend thousands of dollars to buy additional storage to keep the growing number of files in your Salesforce org. This burns a hole in your pocket because the files keep on increasing, and so is your Salesforce storage cost.


File ZIPO is empowering several organizations by eliminating the need to drain money on recurring Salesforce storage costs. If you are also struggling with this problem, think no more and backup your files to reliable external cloud storage with File ZIPO. Our user-friendly application will help you overcome all the above challenges faced during file backup. Hence, you can focus on your larger business goals without affecting the user experience.

To know more about the application, please get in touch with our team. You can also schedule a free demo to see how it works.

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