Merge multiple PDF / Doc files into Single PDF

  • Full-featured, easy to use Merge API which can combine & merge multiple PDF
  • Easily support & integrate multiple platforms like Salesforce (Apex, Lightning Component, LWC, PHP, Node JS, Javascript)
  • Easy to configure & use

What FileZIPO Brings To You

Mass Merge Files/Attachments of any Standard or Custom objects
Mass Merge documents of any type in single GO
Merge files in Single Folder or parent-child folder structure
Support mass Merge files from salesforce record detail page
Equipped with multiple advanced filters such as (Object Name, Object Fields, User, Date, Keyword etc)
Can Merge up to 1000 files/attachments of
any size in one GO
Supports file extensions like DOC and PDF
Works in both Classic
and Lightning
Simple user-friendly UI &
easy to use
Supports easy tracking of Merged files
24*7 Support &
No Limits on file size or total merge size
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A Quick Recap

Merge multiple Salesforce Documents (Files and attachments)

  • Search & merge files, attachments and documents from any Particular Standard or Custom object
  • Search & merge files from multiple Standard & Custom Objects

Filter your search and Merge at once

  • Filter your search By CSV, Date, User, Keywords, Reports and more
  • Create and apply your customized filter

Integration Platforms

Merge API’s can be integrated with most popular coding platforms out there like Salesforce (Apex, Lightning Component, LWC, PHP, Node JS, Javascript

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How to use

Different ways to Merge Files in Salesforce

Integrate Merge API's

Integrate Merge API’s directly in your application code and merge multiple files (Doc/pdf) into Single PDF

Using File ZIPO

Use our appexchange application to merge multiple files (Doc/pdf) into Single PDF

Using Salesforce Flow

Use salesforce flows to merge multiple files (Doc/pdf) into Single PDF


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, File ZIPO can merge Salesforce files & attachments in bulk. Users can merge files of multiple parent records together in single go or they can merge files of individual records, depending upon the business requirements.

    Yes! File ZIPO is a secure Salesforce native application to merge files & attachments in your Salesforce org.

    File ZIPO can merge files of Word & PDF formats in a single PDF file.

    Yes, you can share the merged files via email easily. As soon as you complete the process, you will get the downloadable link of the merged file in your inbox. In addition to the email, user can:

    • Download the merged file on the desktop.
    • Save the merged file in Salesforce.
    • Save the merged file on External Platforms like “Google Drive”.

    No, File ZIPO doesn't store or keep a record of your merged files & attachments on its server.

    No, there is no such limit. File ZIPO can merge files of any size/volume (Word & PDF format) in a single PDF file.