Why You Should Consider Using Google Drive for your Salesforce File Storage?

Salesforce Google Drive Integration

The Salesforce-Google Drive integration helps Salesforce admins & developers in saving their Salesforce storage costs & managing files in their org. It facilitates real-time sync of Salesforce files & attachments with Google Drive, making file access in org easier and reducing the risk of file loss. With this, users can store files externally yet access them in their org, save their time, and avoid manual tasks that hamper productivity.

In this blog, we’re going to see how Salesforce-Google Drive integration helps you in saving your file storage costs & enhances your efficiency.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a powerful cloud-based storage solution that helps you save files & attachments to Google servers, or cloud and access them anywhere and anytime. It is a third-party cloud storage solution where you can backup your files, and keep them safely. It also facilitates easier file sharing and file management.

Salesforce-Google Drive Integration

Organizations have started leveraging Salesforce-Google Drive Integration to simplify their Salesforce file storage. It allows them to backup their Salesforce files in Google Drive & free up storage space in their org. All this, while still being able to access all Google Drive files within the org (even when they’ve been actually deleted from the org).

What is the Use Case of Salesforce-Google Drive Integration?

Integrating Salesforce with Google Drive helps you to reduce Salesforce storage cost and facilitates easy file management. For example, you have a large volume of files in your Salesforce org. Some of these are legacy files that you only need for records while others are important, so you need to take their backup to avoid any loss of files.

This is where the Salesforce-Google Drive integration comes to your rescue. It helps you to sync Salesforce files with Google Drive. Hence, you can transfer your legacy files to Google Drive and save storage space in your org.

And, whenever a new file is added in your org, it will be automatically transferred to the Google Drive folder, so you can have its backup. You can still view or download these synced files in your Salesforce org.

Hence, this integration can help enterprises in saving $$ on Salesforce storage cost and making way for efficient file management.

Benefits of Integrating Salesforce Org with Google Drive

  1. Real-Time Sync: After integrating the Salesforce file storage with Google Drive, you can still view/download the synced files in your Salesforce org. They are synced with Google Drive and any changes made to the files can be seen on both the platforms.
  2. Cost-Saving: Storing files in Google Drive is economical than storing the same files in Salesforce file storage, which is limited & expensive. Hence, integration of Salesforce with Google Drive saves your file storage costs significantly.
  3. Larger Files Storage: In Salesforce, you cannot store large size files and documents. Whereas in Google Drive, you can store files that are as big as 50MB or more. Hence, when you integrate your Salesforce org with Google Drive, you can avoid file size limitations and take advantage of unlimited storage.
  4. Increases Efficiency: After Salesforce-Google Drive integration, files are transferred automatically. You don’t need to download them first and then upload to an external cloud. Thus, reducing manual work and enhancing efficiency.
  5. Efficient File Management: Salesforce file management becomes easy for you when you integrate your org with Google Drive. You can upload your files in hierarchies, for example, by creating folders & subfolders. With this, you can access and manage them efficiently in one place.
  6. Security Assured: Integrating Salesforce with Google Drive is completely secure. In addition, admins can customize access controls, which means only those users can see files who are entitled to. Hence, by not offering file access to all users, it promises enhanced security.
  7. Team Collaboration: The integration provides opportunities for team collaboration. Members can share Salesforce files with each other without sharing the credentials of accounts specifically.

How File ZIPO helps to Integrate Salesforce Org with Google Drive?

File ZIPO is a native and cost-effective Salesforce storage solution that helps you to integrate Salesforce org with Google Drive. It helps you to transfer files from Salesforce to Google Drive automatically or vice-a-versa. The best part is that it helps to save file storage costs, as by syncing your Salesforce files with Google Drive, you can avoid spending money on buying additional Salesforce storage space. Besides Google Drive, you can also use File ZIPO to integrate your org with other external storage platforms, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, and Box.com.

To know more about this revolutionary Salesforce application and the integration of Salesforce org with Google Drive, you can contact our friendly support team for guidance.

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