Burning A Hole In Your Pocket With The Expensive Salesforce Storage? Introducing File ZIPO

Introducing FileZIPO

The default storage provided by Salesforce is very limited. And if you go on to buy additional storage space for your Salesforce org, it can literally burn a hole in your pocket. Salesforce storage is very expensive. But what if you can get unlimited storage in dimes? Yes, you heard us right! Introducing File ZIPO, a secure & cost-effective cloud storage solution.

It is not a discount code to reduce Salesforce storage costs, but a Salesforce native app that integrates your org with the external cloud storage platforms, viz., OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox & Box.com. With File ZIPO, you can sync all your Salesforce Files & attachments in your external cloud storage accounts. Still confused? Let’s take you through this amazing application in this blog.

What is File ZIPO?

File ZIPO is a Salesforce native app that integrates your Salesforce org with the most popular external cloud storage platforms, viz., OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox & Box.com. With File ZIPO, you can sync all your Salesforce files & attachments with your cloud storage accounts and access them at any time within Salesforce.

Features of File ZIPO

File ZIPO offers multiple amazing features that can substantially bring down your storage cost, optimize your Salesforce Org and save your time. While you might have already checked our features on the home page, here’s a detailed description of each:

1)Sync Files: You can sync all your Salesforce Files and attachments with external cloud storage accounts, namely, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox & Box.com. You can access them any time within your Salesforce org and enjoy the ease with File ZIPO’s real-time sync.

How does it help?
You can save thousands of dollars you are spending on the expensive Salesforce storage with File ZIPO. You now have all your external cloud storage accounts within Salesforce at very minimal cost to store all your files & attachments.

2) ZIP Files: You can select unlimited files & ZIP them all in just one click. File ZIPO provides you with the option to either ZIP the selected files in one folder with no hierarchy or maintain a parent-child hierarchy to facilitate efficient management. Once you’ve selected the files & determined the hierarchy, you can now either download the zipped folder on-premise or even share it directly with some external contact via email without downloading.

How does it help?
Downloading files one-by-one from Salesforce storage to your system can be tedious. With File ZIPO, you can apply filters and select the desired files to ZIP them in one folder, and download or directly email. You can ensure efficient file management by zipping your files in a parent-child format.

3) Backup Files: File ZIPO uplifts the Salesforce storage limits and extends it to unlimited so that you can back up unlimited Salesforce files & folders on an external cloud storage account or on-premise using File ZIPO. There’s no restriction to the file size or volume.

How does it help?
Backing up files & folders usually requires you to download them on the system & then uploading on the desired platform, usually an external cloud storage platform. File ZIPO links your Org with external cloud storage platforms where you can create back up of all your files & folders hassle free.

4) Archive Files: You can back up your legacy files alongside the latest ones. You do not require deleting your legacy/old files and attachments from Salesforce org anymore. You can simply store them with your linked external cloud storage accounts or on-premise and access them in Salesforce org whenever required. It frees your storage space in Salesforce and optimizes its performance.

How does it help?
Users often require to download their legacy files from Salesforce to make room for new. Managing a huge amount of legacy files on a system can be difficult. With File ZIPO, you can retain your old files & attachments while having unlimited space for the new ones. This way, you can access both old & new files in Salesforce.

5) Overwrite File Management: With File ZIPO’s overwrite management, you can eliminate duplicity by determining whether to overwrite similar files in external cloud storage or not by clicking the check box before you begin.

How does it help?
External cloud storage like Dropbox does not support two files with the same name. If you already have a file with the name Y, you cannot have another file titled the same. While copying thousands of files to external storage, it becomes difficult to compare & manually remove duplicate files. To avoid such issues, File ZIPO has an optional Overwrite File Management that replaces duplicate files automatically.


File ZIPO also offers advanced filters, extensive file records, user tracking & much more to facilitate efficient management of Salesforce orgs. All this at much lesser than the standard Salesforce storage cost. So, what are you waiting for? Get this revolutionary application and make your Salesforce file storage effortless and pocket-friendly.
For more details, you can get in touch with our friendly support that is here to answer all your queries.

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