Falling Short Of Salesforce Storage Space? Here’s How File ZIPO Can Help

Falling Short Of Salesforce Storage Space

It is a known fact that Salesforce orgs have a limited free storage space. When your business scales up, you have to store a huge volume of files & attachments in your org, but there’s no space left. If you choose to purchase additional storage space from Salesforce for your org, you have to spend several dollars as it is quite expensive. But what if you can find a solution to access unlimited files in your org without buying additional storage space from Salesforce?

We’re not playing around, neither is it another marketing strategy. Check out File ZIPO, a native & cost-effective Salesforce Storage Solution. It integrates your Salesforce org with external cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, and Box.com where you can store unlimited files while saving your Salesforce storage.

In this blog post, let’s see how File ZIPO helps you save your Salesforce storage & its cost.

1) Syncing
File ZIPO integrates your Salesforce org with external cloud storage accounts, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. You can now Sync Salesforce files & attachments to external cloud storage. This way, it helps you save your Salesforce storage and makes file management easy by allowing you to access all Salesforce files in one place.

2) Security
File ZIPO is a secure & native Salesforce application. It doesn’t store your files & attachments, but securely transfers them to external cloud storage. With this, you can store a large volume of files in external storage accounts safely.

3) Transfer Unlimited Files & Attachments
You can transfer unlimited files from Salesforce org to external cloud storage using File ZIPO. Even after this, you can find these files directly in your org. This means that while your files are stored with external storage, they are still accessible in your Salesforce org.

4) Support Multiple Accounts
You can integrate multiple external storage accounts and sync your files & attachments with them. For example, if you have three accounts of Google Drive and two or more accounts of other external storage solutions, you can add them all.

5) Ease of Access
File ZIPO provides you with easy access to all your files. Even after integrating your Salesforce org with external cloud storage, you can still access your files & attachments in your org. You can find them using the comprehensive set of filters in Salesforce org & save time.

We understand it can be difficult to trust your crucial files to an application. But is it when the application is designed by the creators of a highly reliable Salesforce appexchange application, BOFC (Bulk Object Field Creator)? Not, really! Right? So, get started with File ZIPO and free yourself from the hassle of Salesforce storage limitations. Contact us for more information.

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