How to Mass Download Files (or Attachments) of multiple parents in single ZIP Folder?

ABC Company is using Salesforce to manage its different vendors and their information.

They have lot of vendors (Vendor A, Vendor B) from which the company purchases lot of useful goods and services. Every vendor has lot of Files/Attachments related to it like vendor documents, Invoices, Order form etc.

Julie (Account Manager) has to perform one major activities:

  1. For All Vendors, she needs to download all the Files/Attachments in single folder.

These type of work requests would take much more effort and time, but with our Salesforce Appexchange File ZIPO App, user can perform these action in a few clicks.

She can perform her task in few simple steps:

  1. Install the FileZIPO application in Salesforce
  2. Click the button and Download vendor files/attachments in single folder
  3. Done.

Let’s see how she can Mass Download files/attachments.

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Few Simple Steps to Download multiple files in Single Folder:

Step 1: Open the File ZIPO application from the App Launcher & click on “Download / Sync / ZIP” tab.

File ZIPO application from the App Launcher

Step 2. It will open the below screen

download individual file

Above image has some features (each number has its description as below):

  1. Select the type
  2. Select the name of the Object for which user needs to see files/attachments
  3. User can filter the rows by the file/attachment name
  4. User can use advance filter to filter the rows by User, Date, Object, keywords
  5. Select single or multiple file/Attachments.
  6. User can download individual file using download icon in the last column of each row.

Step 3: Select the rows & click this button “Click Here to Continue“. Once clicked, it will open a popup

Single folder for all selected files

Above image has some features (each number has its description as below):

  1. Choose the type of option as “Download (as ZIP)”
  2. Choose Folder Structure as “Single folder for all selected files”
  3. Click on “Download Files” Button to initiate the process to ZIP files

Step 4. Once “Download Files” button is clicked, it will instantly download the ZIP file.

download the ZIP file


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