Smooth Migration of Salesforce Files & Attachments To Dropbox with File ZIPO


Salesforce is one of the best cloud-based CRM platforms available today. Most enterprises prefer this platform as it prioritizes efficient management of business operations like Sales, Marketing, and more. Salesforce has not limited itself to mere business operations, it also excels in Data Analytics, Customer Service, Marketing Automation, and Platform Development applications.

Storage of data is one of the major issues faced by organizations when it comes to Salesforce as it is impossible to afford such outrageous prices. Hence, it becomes necessary to find an alternative solution for storing files on this platform. One of the best options is to start storing files on cloud storage. Cloud storage is a model where data is stored on the internet through a provider, who efficiently manages and operates data storage as a service.

In this blog, we will be briefing you on the Smooth Migration of Salesforce Files & Attachments To Dropbox and how this integration will help you amplify your efficiency.

A Small Brief to Dropbox and its Features

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage service providers that lets you store, track file updates, and share them with your teammates to promote collaboration. Moreover, it also helps you keep files private through its multiple layers of protection.

Once you install this application on your desktop or mobile, all the files that you store locally will automatically get copied to the cloud servers. You can quickly access these files anywhere, anytime. Let us now have a look at some amazing features of Dropbox:

Cost-efficient: Saving files on the Salesforce Customer Relationship Management platform can cost you a fortune as it provides you with very limited space. However, saving the same files through dropbox is comparatively much more economical. You get a basic service from Dropbox for free that lets you save files up to 2 GB. By paying an affordable amount you can expand this limited storage up to 3TB and avail additional benefits.

Version Control: Another useful feature of Dropbox is Version Control which maintains a direct history of your files. Further, it allows you to recover these files in the situation of malware or accidental deletion. Hence, you don’t need to worry about keeping a backup while using Dropbox integration for your Salesforce org.

Real-Time Sync: Once you integrate Salesforce file storage with Dropbox, you can view or download the synced files on your Salesforce platform. Simultaneously, if you make changes to any of these synced files in one place, it will get updated everywhere else. It brings real-time sync to your files and you don’t need to edit the files separately on every device.

Strengthens Efficiency: The need for manually downloading the files and then uploading them to the cloud service platform is eliminated. After the integration of Salesforce with Dropbox, all these files will be transferred automatically.

File-Sharing: One of the most amazing features provided by Dropbox is its file-sharing and customization sharing options. You can choose the permission level for your files that gives you control over selecting specific people who can browse through your files. You can grant permission for file access to anyone who has the link to your file.

How Does File Zipo help you in Integrating Salesforce Org with Dropbox?

File Zipo is a native and cost effective storage solution for Salesforce that assists and guides you in the integration of Salesforce Org with Dropbox. It helps you in managing and uploading the files from your Salesforce to Dropbox and vice-versa. Further, it ensures that you don’t spend too much money buying extra storage on Salesforce. Your efficiency is maintained as it integrates Salesforce Org with Dropbox which is a comparatively cheaper storage option. It also saves your time as the need to manually download and then upload the files to Dropbox is ruled out.

You don’t need to worry about freeing up your device space as our application does this work for you. With File Zipo, you also get an option to choose the operations between Auto-sync and Manual-sync. If you need further assistance in Integrating Salesforce Org with Dropbox, feel free to contact our support team.

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