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Still sharing files with your team one-byone

Salesforce is one of the best Customer Relationship Management platforms available today. Major enterprises rely on this cloud-based software to effectively manage their business operations. Customer Service, Platform Development applications, Data Analytics, and Marketing Automation are some of the advanced applications of Salesforce. Although being the best, it still comes with certain drawbacks.

Major drawbacks associated with Salesforce are concerned with the storage and sharing of large files. Creating and sharing ZIP files here is a complicated process, especially when you are dealing with multiple files at a time. The other issue faced by Salesforce admins is related to Storage. It offers a limited file storage space & buying additional storage could cost you a king’s ransom. You must be wondering, so what’s the solution to these problems?

File ZIPO-The Ultimate Solution

That’s where File ZIPO comes into play and lets you spread your wings by efficiently managing your org files and integrating Salesforce with cloud storage platforms. It offers you freedom from the profligate costs of buying extra storage. File ZIPO, exclusively available on AppExchange, is a native Salesforce app that allows you to perform mass actions like ZIP, Sync, Archive, Transfer, Merge, and Backup multiple Salesforce files. Furthermore, it also helps you in linking the Salesforce environment with different cloud platforms.

That’s not it, there are more reasons to trust File ZIPO for your business needs mentioned below:

  1. Unlimited File Storage: Running out of storage on Salesforce is very common. Purchasing additional storage at outrageous prices isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. File ZIPO lets you integrate your Salesforce with external cloud storage platforms such as OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox & These external storage options offer storage at economical prices when compared to Salesforce storage costs.
  2. Cost efficiency: Who doesn’t want to increase the cost-efficiency of their business? You can save a lot by integrating external cloud storage platforms with your Salesforce. Many enterprises spend a lot of money each month to buy additional storage on Salesforce. File ZIPO lets you save this money as it allows you to store, backup, ZIP & download your Salesforce files & attachments in your external cloud storage.
  3. Links multiple accounts: Got multiple accounts on any external cloud storage? You don’t need to worry about linking these accounts to get all your files together. File ZIPO helps you here and lets you integrate multiple accounts on particular external cloud storage. All you need to do is visit File ZIPO’s external account manager, and you will be good to go.
  4. Easy File Management: File management could become a complicated process when it comes to storing unlimited org files. It’s difficult to find the location where you have stored a particular file. Thanks to File Zipo for providing such efficient file management which provides you with precise records on a file location.
  5. Advanced Search Filters: It becomes difficult to manage thousands of files on Salesforce, especially when you run out of time. File Zipo provides you with advanced search filters which allow you to filter the org files by Keywords, User, Date, Filename, etc. in the Salesforce platform.

How to share org files collectively with your team using File ZIPO

It becomes an irksome task to manually download all the files and then convert them to a ZIP file before sharing it with others. After linking the File ZIPO with your org, you just need to select the files that you wish to share with your team and click on Download/Sync/ZIP option. You can find the files/attachments on the platform using File ZIPO’s advanced search filters.

After that, all you need to do is ZIP these files for sharing with others. File ZIPO provides you with two ZIP file options: Single folder and Multiple folders (Parent / Child Structure). You can choose any of them as per your needs. Finally, share these files by typing the mail address of the concerned person who will get access to your org files. The recipient will receive a link to the merged ZIP file that they can share with the team.

You can rely on File ZIPO for effectively handling and managing Salesforce files for your organization. It will help you save money by eliminating the cost of buying additional storage on Salesforce and integrating org files with cloud storage platforms. Hope that this will help you understand things about sharing org files with your team collectively. For additional support, feel free to contact our happy-to-help & expert team.

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